Tying Up All of Your Loose Ends

About Us

Outstanding Cable Harnesses Available throughout the UK

C & T Harnesses Ltd started to provide cable harnesses and a range of other services in December 1983. To this day, at the end of every order we work towards securing that all-important customer satisfaction. This is the factor that keeps customers coming back time and time again. After 30 years of successful business it’s safe to say we’re doing something right.

Forward-Thinking Deliveries

If you want your order completed by a specific deadline, we do just that. In nine out of ten cases we have a specific part already in stock. In the rare cases we don’t, our sources can locate even the most elusive part quickly.

As bulk volume orders may take time, we move the process along quicker by offering in-part shipments. This means the work filters through to you as it happens enabling you to proceed as much as possible.

We Always Deliver

Our ISO9000-certified scope includes cable assemblies and fibre optic for the telecommunications and data network, instrumentation and control cables for the electronics industry, and the supply of bought connectors.

We also supply a variety or combination of cable assemblies including I.D.C., solder, crimp, and fibre optic.

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